Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finished July Challenges LO's

Phew... I finally got a few of my challenges finished. I was beginning to think that I was never gonna get any done.

1.) Scrap your Pet Challenge:

2.) Use your Scraps:

3-5.) Patriot, Baby and No Pattern Paper

6.) 2 Page Sketch

I had a really hard time with my Dad's page it still didn't turn out the best I have ever done but its better than before. I keep staring at the 4 generations one trying to think of what it needs. Got any ideas? And it can't be pattern paper haha

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday Photo Inspiration Challenge: July 16th

For this weeks Photo challenge the key word was Sleigh Ride

The inspiration photo was so beautiful but with it being 105 degrees I was having a hard time being inspired. I wasn't able to sleep last night and I got up and threw together this quick little card.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scrappily Wednesday Challenge #1

I love scraps, they are so much fun to make cards with, alter items and even make layouts! My Mother recently sent me a package full of scrap paper, flowers, bling... basically she cleaned out her scrap drawer and sent it to me. When I got the package I thought it was treasure and that is when my idea for my LO came to me. I had a blast making this layout, with help of my husband I think the final product turned out super cute! The chest box is on cardboard with the "inside" cut out and scraps popping out of it like treasure!

*Sorry the picture isn't that great, I couldn't get my camera to take it right, if I get the time (ha not with my Son) I will try to scan it and replace the picture.

*Thank you Scrappily Ever After for hosting this challenge!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My July Challenges Updated on July 20th

This month I went challenge crazy. I am trying to do so many and well Dominic isn't really letting me do very much scrapbooking right now but I am getting through a few of them.

Here are my challenges I am currently trying to complete:

*2010 challenge 14/50 (this is for the whole year)
*Use your Scraps-Done! Scrapper's Treasure
*2 Page Layout
*2 Page Sketch-Done! My Father's College Grad
*Baby-Done! 4 Generations
*Scrap your Pet-Done!
*No Pattern Paper-Done! 4 Generations
*Patriot-Done! 4 Generations
*Shades of Grey

Check it all out at and don't forget to add Smtownhick as a friend!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Operation Write Home

My Mother and I recently joined a great mission perfect for card making fanatics! This mission is Operation Write Home (OWH) Below I have included the mission and the info from the website. To sum it up we make Homemade cards to send to our "Heroes" in the military for them to send home or to keep to help them through being so far from home and fighting for our country.

Operation Write Home began in 2007 with just a few cards made by friends on a message board; what began as an outlet for a hobby has become a much larger mission to help heroes keep in touch with home - and the effort has been joined by thousands of cardmakers!

OWH receives handmade cards donated by crafters across America (and beyond!). Cardmakers range in age, location, and level of skill; cards are provided by individuals and groups, schools and scouts, companies and churches. All have one primary thing in common: a desire to serve those who defend our nation!

Cards are mailed to one of our volunteer shippers in quanities both small and large. The shippers process, sort, repair, and document each donation, and then pack and ship boxes of over 300 cards each to our contacts. Our heroes request cards (families may also request on their behalf; we serve all branches in all deployed locations.


Supporting our nation's armed forces by sending blank handmade greeting cards to write home on, as well as cards of gratitude to encourage them.

My Family Life

My life is all about my Family. I love being a Mommy to a fantastic little boy. Dominic is now nearly 5 months old and everyday learns something new, grows in size and strength. He cracks his Daddy and me up all the time. I can't imagine life without him!

We live away from all our family so they don't get to experience all the fun times we are having with Dominic. When they call or we call we have to tell the same stories 5 times to the grandparents and so on. I decided I would start a journal about Dominic for the family and for him to read all about Dominic's day and the new milestones he reaches the silly things he does and anything basically that we want to tell. My husband named this Journal Naps and Nipples and it has been a hit. I recently started added coordinating pics to the stories,thanks to a suggestion from a grandparent, and now they are even a bigger hit.

I love to scrapbook, my plan is to turn the the journal into a book for Dominic with stickers and pics to bring his story to life. I think it will be fun reading to Dominic about growing up and later in his life he can look back and maybe learn a few tricks for raising his own kids and not have to find everything out the hard way as his Daddy and I are having to do.