Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Family Life

My life is all about my Family. I love being a Mommy to a fantastic little boy. Dominic is now nearly 5 months old and everyday learns something new, grows in size and strength. He cracks his Daddy and me up all the time. I can't imagine life without him!

We live away from all our family so they don't get to experience all the fun times we are having with Dominic. When they call or we call we have to tell the same stories 5 times to the grandparents and so on. I decided I would start a journal about Dominic for the family and for him to read all about Dominic's day and the new milestones he reaches the silly things he does and anything basically that we want to tell. My husband named this Journal Naps and Nipples and it has been a hit. I recently started added coordinating pics to the stories,thanks to a suggestion from a grandparent, and now they are even a bigger hit.

I love to scrapbook, my plan is to turn the the journal into a book for Dominic with stickers and pics to bring his story to life. I think it will be fun reading to Dominic about growing up and later in his life he can look back and maybe learn a few tricks for raising his own kids and not have to find everything out the hard way as his Daddy and I are having to do.

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