Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Back!!

Hello Bloggers!  It has been nearly a year since I last posted on my blog.  Life has been let's say interesting this past year.  My Husband, my son and I decided to move to St. Louis but our housing situation has been crazy.  My Son and I went to live with my Aunt back in MO for about 6 months where we had a blast.  My son got to know my parents and Aunt and he fell in love with Farm and all the animals, but we missed seeing the Daddy all the time.  Only a few weekends a month just wasn't cutting it.  We finally found a house but starting remodeling and with that we ran into several hiccups.  We still haven't moved in and are living temporarily with my Mother in Law, but hopefully in the next few weeks we will start the move in process.

While I was gone from blogging I started up a page on Facebook for My Creations by Shelli projects.  I got into bow making and fell Deeply in LOVE!  I have been making up tons and tons of bows for the past 8 months and have sold many orders.  I love it, and I have taken that bow making Love to the Cards... I now put bows on nearly every card I make!!!  LOL

My Next post will be my first card I have made in forever, and it is for a DT Call.  Cross your Fingers and hope I get on the Team.  It will be a new adventure for this Crafty Mom and one I hope to experience!

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  1. Good luck on your DT try. I have missed you in blog land and look forward to seeing your creations.