Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inside the Crafting Mind of Shelli

This particular post is to give ya'll a little glimpse into the crafting mind of myself.  I am one that makes something, looks at it and thinks "It needs something"  I will do this several times, and generally end up changing my project entirely.  I am really bad about this with Scrapbooking and Cardmaking, but have become even worse about this with my bow making.  However this insanity I have honestly works in my advantage because even though it takes me longer to make a project, I personally think they turn out really well in the end.  So as you read this post  and see the pictures you will understand a little bit about how the insanity works.

Last night while in Bow World (that's what we call the nights that I sit down after my son is asleep and work on making bows, I do this for hours and seem to forget about the rest of the world, hence Bow World) I picked out a ribbon roll I recently purchased from Michael's for $1 and a set of Jolee's Cabochons and sat down to make up some Valentine's Day bows.

After working with the ribbon for a few minutes I realized the pattern was one of those that doesn't work out well symmetrically so I decided it would need some layers to make it look better, and that I would try a different style.  After grabbing a coordinating Green ribbon I thought I came up with something kinda cute, but as usual I wasn't fully satisfied. I took them to my husband and he said he liked the style of bottom bow, but liked how the colors alternated in the top bow.  I completely agreed.

 I decided to set these bows aside for a little bit to work on a few of my Bow Orders.  While working on ordered bows I couldn't the Rose Bows out of my mind, so I went back to my previous project and as soon as I picked the bows up a little light bulb turned on and I went to work.  It honestly only took me a few minutes to add a little ribbon to the bottom bow and spikes to the top and Tah-dah they were adorable.  I took them back to my husband and he looked at me and said, "I really like those!"  When my husband tells me that I get all giddy and smile from ear to ear because he is just as picky as me!

What do you think?  They turned out cute right?  Well now you have had a little glimpse into the crazy mind of Shelli.  It may sound like a long long process, but in my years I have perfected my insanity and it really only takes me couple hours if that to create my projects. My Mother has witnessed this crafting mind many times while working on layouts together.  I think it frustrates her because I don't really have a set idea when I start I just pick out paper, or embellishments, or ribbon I like and go from there.  I enjoy creating and laugh at myself each time when I stop to think about my crazy crafting process!


  1. You are crazy, but the creations are beautiful.I love this one!

  2. What a lovely bows! Thanks for stopping by my blog.