Friday, October 26, 2012

The Next Top Chef: Cakes

Late last night as I was working on making more bows and goodies for the craft fair I will participating in this weekend and ended up empting several spools of ribbon.  I had stacked them up and an idea popped into my head! I could make a stackable cake for Dominic with these!! Today while working on a few more craft fair projects I took a break by making my son that cake I thought of last night.  I gathered up a few sizes of empty ribbon spools and dipped into my scrap fabric stash and found some Camo, John Deere and Green (all Dominic's favorite things).
 After I covered the spools in fabric I thought, this cake needs a candle and with my craft brain on full charge an empty glue stick came to mind (another recycle bin goodie).  I then covered it in  green fabric,leaving extra at the top to tie up to look like a flame.  I also grabbed some 1/4 yellow ribbon and wrapped it around the fabric to look more like a candle.  Being a bling lover and someone who can't leave anything plain, I added a few jewels to make it look like the cake had been decorated, and Tada a stackable layered cake to add to Dominic's kitchen.
I actually really love this because not only did I make a cake to add to our fake food goodies but I also created a toy that Dominic can use to work on motor skills.  We had a great time learning to stack the cake in the correct ascending order by size.  As usual he learned so quickly and honestly figured it out right away (he is one smart cookie!) He really  liked "frosting" the cake pieces, blowing out the candle and serving Mommy with her very own piece of his hand made cake!

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