Friday, October 26, 2012

The Next Top Chef: The New Kitchen

My Son's grandmother came across a cute kitchen set a lady was giving away for free.  We picked it up and cleaned it up and brought it inside for him to "cook" while Mommy cooks lunch and dinner.  Dominic absolutely loves his new kitchen.  I looked around for some plates and goodies to let him play with and came up with a few mini pots and pans I honestly never use.  I then grabbed my box of felt and foam and starting making him up some foods to cook in his new kitchen.  I found tons of cute patterns online but nearly all of them were sewing projects and truth be told that is just not a possibility with an impatient 2 yr old and Mommy's limited free time.  I then set my craft mind to the task and starting making foods with the felt and hot glue!! I love my glue gun, of course as online boutique owner (check it out on facebook: I use my glue gun every single day so I was right at home with coming up with a non sew project.  We had just had breakfast for dinner the night before so I used that as my inspiration and created Dominic some fried eggs, bacon and pancakes.  I actually think they turned out great!
At this point I wanted to make everything I could possibly come up but due to time frame I didn't have that chance but I did make him some bread, jelly and peanut butter.  I also gave him a peanut butter jar, a little cookie jar, and empty ketchup bottle I had due our recycle bin really needing to be taken to the recycle center.  Dominic loved the peanut butter and jelly and made his Daddy a sandwich for when he gets home from work.  He is such a little sweetheart!

 A few days later while at the store I noticed the 1/2 dozen eggs cartons and had to get one for Dominic and his eggs(Easter Eggs).  It fits perfectly in his tiny little refrigerator.  Dominic also paid for his own set of 3 spatulas and spoons ($.88 what a buy).  I will be adding more foods as I get the chance.  My plan is for Dominic to be able to make the same thing we are having for dinner or lunch so he can help cook with Mommy! 

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  1. Such a super cute idea! You are very talented. I have bought Karrissa food stuff and bought food stuff, always falls apart. She is even getting more food stuff and a new kitchen for Christmas.

    Look forward to seeing more food!