Friday, September 10, 2010

Digital Stamp Fever

While cruising around on all the awesome new people I have meet recently blog's I discovered digital stamps. At first I looked at them and thought "how cute would that be on a card!" Then I decided "I love to color so why not print some out and try it!!"

I dug around on the internet and found some amazing cards made with the digi stamps. Most used the Copic markers but they are WAY out of my budget range. I love to color so I have tons of colored pencils lying around. I picked them up, grabbed my pattern scraps box and started coloring away. I may not be an expert but I was rather proud of the outcome of my first digi stamp coloring spree.

My first attempt is with a super cute digi from Dustin Pike here is the orginal:

Here are few of my creations so far...

1.(The very first one... now to improve)

2. I love this paper so I tried my best to match the colors

Check back to this post for some more of my trial creations!!


  1. Great job on your first digi's! I personally am not into them, but I have noticed they are everywhere!

  2. I am such a digi addict - watch out! You will be too, wonderful cards!