Monday, August 30, 2010

OWH Birthday Bash Online Card Party

For Labor day weekend and all through September I am hosting a Card Party for OWH. My goal is 10 people making 3 cards each for a total of 30 cards. 30 cards would mean 30 Heroes could send a little hello back to their family and friends!!

I will be giving away 3 prize packs.
One on the 10th, 20th and 30th of September.

To enter for a prize pack please either summit a photo of your favorite card or your whole shipment on the inlinz link below or if you are a facebook participant post a picture in your gallery and I will add it to my blog for you!

Here are a few Guidelines:
*A2 sized cards (5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″)
(see below to how make your own cards out of cardstock)
*No Glitter is allowed:
(it's a safety hazard to our heroes, and tends to come off in shipping)
*Handmade cards only
(no store bought that look handmade)
*"Operation Write Home" needs to be on the backs of the cards-stamped, handwritten, or labels
* Send to shipper: Kris Allan-12152 S Summit St, Olathe, KS 66062
and include a packing slip (click here for packing slip)
*Or you can send to me directly!
*If using dark card be sure to put a light colored insert for writing.
*Envelopes are not necessary but if you have them they appreciate them

Card Themes:
Missing you, thank you, birthday
(OWH are always in need of these)
Holiday (be sure to make the deadlines)

Holiday Card Deadlines:
September 20 - Halloween
October 1 - Thanksgiving
October 30 - Christmas

Making A2 cards out of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock(cs):

Horizontal Cards (Blue card on left)

Step 1: Fold CS in half lengthwise (left to right)
Step 2: Fold in half again this time top to bottom
Step 3: Cut along second fold
You now have 2 separate horizontal opening cards!

Vertical Cards (Red card on left)

Step 1: Fold CS in half top to bottom
Step 2: Fold in half again this time lenthwise (left to right)
Step 3: Cut along second fold

You now have 2 separate vertical opening cards!!

If you have any questions send a comment or zap me an email.


Pledged Cards:

(Goal 10 participants, 30 cards)
1. Ester Ellis-3 cards!
2. Turtle- 8 cards!!
3. Bitsie Fowler-5 cards!
4. Bev Epstein-
5. Gigi Barnett- 3 cards!
6. Kim Rakos-3 cards!
7. Lynn-
8. Veronica-6 cards!

Total of Goals completed: 8/10 & 29/30!!!

(Winners are picked by putting their assigned #'s in a random picker generator)

Sep. 10th- Turtle!
Turtle pledged 8 cards check out her blog by clicking on her name above.

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  1. I will be attending your party too, Vashellica! I will work on them this weekend and get them posted, hoping to make 12! I also have promised to make 100 for my own personal goal to OWh, so have lots of cards to make. Lots of playing on my new Cricut, yipee!!!