Thursday, November 11, 2010

Altering punch outs

Many of you may have some of Paper Secrets Punch outs. I got a set of the journalling booklet as a free gift from Paper Secrets. I really don't like the punch outs because they are childish looking, low cost if you will, they just don't call to me.

Last night while my son was playing in his room I got them out of my give away bag and was flipping through the booklet when a thought came to me... "what if I add a little zing to them?" With this thought I grabbed my color pencils, baby oil, blending stumps and sandpaper and sat down by my son and started coloring and here is what came out of this little altering project...

*Sorry about the picture quality these were taken on my phone late last night*

This is the original turtle. Very plain and almost invisible

After I added a little color and blending techniques

This is a Rose that was very plain I added 3 shades of Pink and blended them all together, sorry I don't have a before picture I just really got into this and forgot.

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  1. These turned out great, I have a bunch you can do that too to, LOL!